Don't call it a COMEBACK!

Opa is Live and launching on iOS in beautiful Boulder, CO. Our collective new normal demands a new level of transparency to rebuild safely and communicate effectively with each other and our surrounding communities. Opa allows you to be more efficient and transparent through contextual, location-based livestreaming and chat.

Post Up where you work and Livestream the steps you’re taking to ensure your customer’s safety, debut new products, share behind the scenes and the current vibe with real-time promotions.

Chat with customers to answer questions, take orders and let them know when their order is ready for pickup. Make Opa work for you, tell your story and let’s rebuild together. Opa is free to use and available for download in the iOS AppStore. Post Up and start Livestreaming today.


Download for free in the iOS AppStore. Enter your email, create a password, snap a quick selfie and you’re all set!

Post Up

Post Up where you work by clicking the Post Up button when you arrive and selecting your location from the menu.

Go Live

Press and hold the capture button to start Livestreaming. Release when finished and tap the checkmark to put it on the map!


Download Opa for free in the iOS AppStore and if your business averages just one Livestream a day (for a minimum of 30 days) up until launch of the Opa Business Portal you will automatically receive free lifetime access to our basic-tier subscription package.

Help us spread the word by displaying our table tent in your business (available upon request) and automatically receive a $100.00 credit for future use in the Opa Business Portal. Sign up to get your credit today.